Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile- is the reliability and durability of the executed repair work

To date, more suitable surfacing material than ceramic tile, can not be found. This material has the versatility and durability, so many years is the market leader, and ceramics is one of the most ancient building materials. And no amount of scientific and technological discoveries have failed to find such an ideal replacement material.

Ceramic tile can be considered the most common and the most exquisite. Modern Interior design "Eco design" are able to translate he most boring room into works of art.

Here you can order the tiles without leaving your home, choosing among a large product assortment and the various collections. Our ceramic tiles have exquisite design and excellent quality. At our site demonstrated tiles foreign and domestic manufacturers at the best price.

The studio is working directly with factories-manufacturers, which makes it possible to set the optimal price. Therefore, even exclusive options tiles find a buyer.

The main types of ceramic tiles

Modern professional design rooms offer use this versatile finishing material in interior design in all the rooms at home and public areas. Ceramic tiles for the bathroom, where increased rates of humidity - it's the best option.

Durability and reliability and at the same time, efficiency, because the repair can not think of many years, can not be overemphasized. The selection can be done by looking tile photos or bath tiles picture, and with the right amount and by the manufacturer we will help you decide. I recommend you watch the tiles catalog, which shows the clinker tiles, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, tiles for the bathroom.

Using tile in the interior you can make unique and interesting design of the building facade. This is not only an attribute of beautiful appearance, but also a strong protection against exposure to precipitation.

Tile Shop studio interiors "Eco Design" are always ready to discuss with the client the nuances over the phone!