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The use of ceramic tiles as cladding and finishing material has long ceased to be something unusual. Ceramic tiles - this is a unique material that is durable, moisture resistance and aesthetic appeal. At the same time a very important role in the brand plays as a final product.

Tiles from the brand Cerdisa, Italy - a chance to get a beautiful, safe and original tiles. The brand dates back to 1954, when near the small Italian town of Sassuolo were found deposits of red clay from which produced the first samples of floor tiles.

After some time, the company has significantly expanded production and added tile catalog models, made of white clay and granite of various colors and textures.

The modern product range of the company includes various models. Bathroom tile, floor tiles, kitchen tiles, for the room tiles. Everyone will be able to choose from a wide variety of collection of its own tile, which is easy to buy, if you visit the tile store that offers a complete catalog of the brand.

Ceramic tiles from a small Italian province - a wide range of colors, patterns and colors. The presented models are distinguished by the presence of elegant stripes, ornate floral patterns, the presence of the Mediterranean raid. At the same time the company's designers to accurately track the interior fashion trends.

Our specialists carry out vigilant control of the entire production process, including the extraction of raw materials and ending with the final product. It allows to receive the unique strength, durability and reliability of the tiles, which received numerous international awards.

Possession tiles from Cerdisa - a demonstration of his own style and originality, a sense of aesthetics and a commitment to quality.