by tile Apavisa

by tile Apavisa


Modern society and modern vision of the problem of registration of premises requires the manufacturer of finishing materials comply with all the requirements. Brand Apavisa, Spain is one of the few who was able to clearly capture the nuances and trends of interior fashion. Ceramic tiles, created by the company - it is perfect from a technical point of view of the subject, which is manufactured using only the latest technology.

Product brand tile includes a large number of collections, each of which is built on the principle of gradation, which involves a variety of manufactured tile configuration. Floor tiles, tiles for the bathroom to the room tiles, kitchen tiles. According to the company's designers and engineers is not just the opinion of utilitarian objects, is the product of technical ideas. Each collection of tiles from the brand Apavisa - an evolution in the world of ceramic tiles.

All brand products are manufactured according to the technology through coloring of dry materials, thus all products meet environmental requirements, as is made from recycled, environmentally friendly raw materials. Individual achievement of the company is the production of tiles, which is the word in the title Nano. This unique material, the use of which allows you to create three-dimensional effects. In the process of cutting tiles used water, which makes it possible to obtain perfectly clean cut each square tile.

Buy a tile from Apavisa - it means to become the owner of the works of technical ideas and perfect design. Tile Shop offers to become the owner of a facing material that is resistant to abrasion, resistant to aggressive chemicals, can withstand low temperatures, is completely environmentally friendly. Tile from Apavisa - this tiles elite level, which is a unique advantage.