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Ceramic tile brand Grespania, Spain - is a time-tested quality and the beauty of a world-class company. The history of the company dates back to 1976, when the light appeared the first images of the tiles. After forty years of its existence, the company boasts 10 million sq. Meters of tiles produced per year, which makes it competitive and allows you to deal with well-known European brands. The main principles of the manufacturer considers adherence to developing technology and offer sophisticated product design to its customers.

tile catalog includes a wide variety of collections, among which everyone can find a tile, fits perfectly into the interior space. Tile Shop offers a popular decoration materials brand Grespania:

• tiles for the bathroom;

• floor tiles;

• kitchen tiles;

• for the room tiles.

A special word must be said about the design of floor tiles. Floor tiles brand features a unique pattern, which in some collections creates a simulation of a natural stone or rare woods. Also, the whole direction of the company is to release the tiles in industrial style, which fits well in the style of a loft, it is undoubtedly the trend of interior fashion.

The quality of the finished product is achieved through the use of white clay and a unique single-fired technology to provide reliable, practical, durable and aesthetically perfect ceramic tile. Buy a tile from Grespania - it's a chance to make your interior unique and unique. Tile of Spain brand - a successful combination of "price-quality", which may be the determining factor when choosing a facing material in making repairs.