by tile Mainzu

by tile Mainzu


No modern bathroom or kitchen is not no use in the design of the room tiles. Floor tiles are also an excellent solution to create a unique interior. Ceramic tile - it's an educated decision in the choice of material, which is based on the unique properties of this product. High-quality tiles from the well-known brand - reliability, practicality and originality appearance.

Tiles from the brand Mainzu, Spain is the best meets all positive epithets and definitions, which you can think of at the mention of the finishing material. Since 1964, the company did not cease to work to improve the quality of products and improving technology. Introduction of a new furnace in 2002 helped to increase production volumes while simultaneously improving quality.

The increase in volume has led to an increase in the number of titles that includes tile brand catalog. Modern product catalog - is floor tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, tiles for a room. A feature of the production of which has been laid since the founding of the company is the manufacture of small tiles. This allows you to receive jewelry, very thin, highly artistic designs, which makes it possible embodiment in the life of the most unique and exquisite fantasies.

Tile Shop offers its customers a full range of brand products, featuring a variety of colors, shades, patterns. A very important place in the catalog of products occupy a collection of traditional Spanish motifs that is a tribute to the designers of their homeland.

Buy a tile from Mainzu - that means to join the beautiful, create a unique style of its own interior. Tile from Mainzu - it's reasonable price and excellent quality, it is a recognizable appearance and adherence to the requirements of the consumer.